Enforcement row over caravan

A MAN whose ‘illegally’ placed caravan has been removed by the district council under enforcement orders has accused the local authority of not giving him enough notice.

Jack Cann had an old park caravan on land at Little Acre in Orby, which he used for shelter when visiting the site.

It was removed by the council on Tuesday.

He said he didn’t live locally and that the old caravan was vital for keeping the elements off whenever he was farming on the site.

Mr Cann had applied for planning permission to site the caravan, but was turned down.

However, he argued that when the final enforcement notice came through it gave him too little time to make alternative arrangements, and that its timing over Christmas made it very difficult to contact solicitors and the council to arrange a possible postponement.

“I didn’t get this letter until Christmas Eve and the council offices were closed from the 23rd until Tuesday, January 3 - the day of the council enforcement action,” said Mr Cann.

“I’ve had this little piece of land for 30 years and have appealed before but still the council refused me permission.

He claimed that he had owned the caravan for five or six years and that, when he held a petition in support of his application for permission, none of his neighbours had any objection.

East Lindsey has hit back at his claims though, arguing that it only used enforcement orders as a measure of last resort, and that he had had plenty of time to resolve matters.

A council spokesperson said: “He has had every opportunity to talk it out. He hasn’t taken those opportunities.

“We’ve done everything we can to allow him to sort out these planning issues himself and he hasn’t done so.

“We take a hard line against anyone who doesn’t abide by planning rulings. It’s not fair on people who do adhere to planning rules.

“He is clearly upset but he’s had every option,” they added.