Elderly phone scam victims ‘left shaken’

Police news.
Police news.

Two elderly people living in Skegness have been targeted by fraudsters pretending to be police officers.

On both occasions the caller asked for bank details.

The first incident was reported just after 3.30pm on Wednesday after a woman, aged in her 70s, received a phone call from a man saying he was from central London Police and he needed her bank details because of some problems with her account.

In a second incident on the same day, involving a man in his 70s and reported at 3.55pm, he was contacted by someone pretending to be a police officer who claimed another individual had been caught using the man’s card. The man called his bank and the police.

Det Con Kara Nicholson said: “Fortunately, the victims on this occasion did not lose any money but they have been left shaken by the experience.

“It is a reminder that the Courier Scammers continue to be active in our county and pose a risk to our elderly and vulnerable communities. Help keep your elderly relatives and neighbours safe by ensuring they are aware of the scam, know how the fraudsters operate and what sort of guises they will use. Make sure they know that, if they receive such a call and they want to phone their bank or the police for advice, they do so on a different line or a mobile because the scammers have ways of keeping the line open and can continue the fraud by pretending to be bank staff or police. Remember, no genuine police officer will ever call and ask for this sort of financial information.”

l Contact police on telephone 101 to report such approaches.