Elderly couple had ‘no idea’ why they stole goods

The scales of justice SUS-170707-092211001
The scales of justice SUS-170707-092211001

Married Stickney pensioners Ann and Barry Pearson, who stole more than £100 worth of goods from a store in Skegness, told magistrates they had ‘no idea’ why they had done it.

Ann, 69 and Barry, 72, Pearson of Horbling Lane, admitted stealing £107 worth of goods from Boots when they appeared at Boston Magistates Court.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said police were informed that the couple, who had never been in trouble before, were seen stealing the items on cctv images but were not stopped on the day.

The police then posted the images onto social media in an attempt to identify them, and Mrs Pearson later telephoned the police to tell them it was her and her husband.

Ms Stace said that when they were interviewed they told officers it had been an ‘honest mistake’ to take the goods, which were intended as Christmas presents, and that she had thrown them in the bin when she saw their images on social media.

Mitigating, Terry Boston said they had ‘no idea why they’ve done this’.

“It was pure stupidity,” he said. “They’ve never done anything like this in the past and are ashamed of themselves.”

The magistrates gave each of them nine month conditional discharges and ordered them each to pay £53 compensation and £40 costs and £20 victim surcharge, a total of £113 each.