East Lindsey: CCTV coverage will continue 24/7

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CCTV coverage of potential crime spots in East Lindsey will continue in 2011 - despite spending cutbacks.

At the January meeting of the district council’s executive board, members agreed to retain two staff at the control room - located in Skegness Police Station - to monitor the images at weekends and on busy weekdays at holiday times

But to save cash, only one officer will be on duty during weekdays for most of the year.

The reduction is expected to shave £83,000 off the current annual running costs of £273,000.

At the board meeting, members heard that continuing to provide 24-hour cover, 365 days a year was proving a heavy burden on the public purse.

Three other options, all offering greater savings, were considered but rejected for fear they might undermine the confidence of the communities where the cameras are located - Skegness, Chapel St Leonards, Ingoldmells, Louth, Alford, Horncastle and Mablethorpe, .

A report to the board described CCTV as “ a vital hub for the district council’s working relationship with police - one which enhances management of crime and antisocial behaviour in these towns and villages.”

Portfolio holder for health and wellbeing Coun Sandra Harrison observed that many of the incidents detected by the cameras were “ fuelled by alcohol”.

Portfolio holder for finance Coun Colin Davie welcomed the savings and suggested that those businesses which benefit from the “night-time economy” might, in future, be invited to contribute to the cost of CCTV.

“There is currently a huge burden on police,”he commented.