Drunk cross-dresser’s sex outfit crime spree hits TV

Picture Shows: (L-R) P.C Dylan Roberts, Bill Nixon, D.C Taff Lloyd - (C) Maverick TV - Photographer: Richard Ansett.
Picture Shows: (L-R) P.C Dylan Roberts, Bill Nixon, D.C Taff Lloyd - (C) Maverick TV - Photographer: Richard Ansett.

A SURREAL sex shop crime which has gone down in local infamy was ‘star’ of the show at the launch of a new BBC series on Monday evening.

A drunk Welshman breaking into a sex toy shop and running through the streets of Skegness after donning a frilly French Maid’s outfit and stilettoes might sound like a dirty joke - but it all happened for real.

And a re-enactment of the bizarre crime - which took place in summer 2008 - was one of the featured offences on a new BBC TV series which aims to highlight some of the UK’s most ludicrous and laughable criminal acts.

The team behind BBC Three’s ‘Bizarre Crimes’ series have been trawling through the court history of the UK.

And the real-life tale of the cross-dressing Welshman stood out from the pack.

The surreal crime began when the then 26-year-old man, who had tanked up on pills and pints, embarked on a shopping spree at a sex toy superstore in Skegness in the middle of the night.

Louise Whenman runs the ‘Pulse and Cocktails’ shop that the wired Welshman broke into.

The whole scene was caught on the store’s CCTV cameras.

She said: “He threw a breeze block through the front door and then just came through.

“But throwing the breeze block through the door set the alarms off.”

“He was very selective. He picked up a pink PVC nurse’s outfit, took that to the back of the shop as well as picking up other outfits along the way.

“He took his t-shirt off – it looked like he was maybe going to try one of the outfits on.”

However, this cross-dressing criminal was unable to find the correct outfit.

That is, until he spotted a mannequin dressed in a sexy French maid’s outfit standing in the window.

Donning a frilly skirt, fishnet stockings and a wig, he picked up the doll and ran out of the shop.

A witness later told police she had seen “a man with a woman with big boobies running through the street.”

The 26-year-old then broke into a shoe shop and stole a pair of stiletto shoes. On completing his look, he went to change on the roof of Specsavers before tottering across the local cricket pitch.

Shamelessly, he then broke into an elderly couple’s home to hang up his wig and put his head down for the night.

With a hazy morning memory, he realised that he’d left his own clothes behind on his rampage around the town.

Too embarrassed to board the train home wearing his stolen French maid’s outfit, he continued his stealing spree by changing into the elderly lady’s pleated skirt and cardigan, before making tracks.

A Specsavers employee, Heather Horne, remembers what she saw that morning.

“When we went out onto the roof, laying on the steps was this mannequin and there were some clothes to one side of it: the were some trousers and a top,” she said.

“You don’t expect to find a mannequin first thing in the morning – on the roof!”

However, he did not get away with his evening of cross-dressing crime.

Police DC Taff Lloyd explained: “He’d cut himself on the way in, he’d bled all over the shop, on different items of lingerie and on the floor.”

He had left DNA. After circulating his mugshot as ‘Wanted’, the DC received a phone call from some colleagues in Sheffield because on another drunken disaster, the same man was “caught urinating in a public place.”

After a series of awkward questions including “what did you steal the lingerie for?” and “why did you steal the mannequin?” DC Taff Lloyd said that the accused “admitted he had a fetish for women’s clothing and he fully admitted the offence. However, he was very embarrassed.”

The man pleaded guilty and received a 12 week suspended sentence, 200 hours of community service and had to pay £400 in compensation.

Louise Whenman concluded: “My guess is he was just a guy whose fetish had got a little too much for him.

“If he had come into the shop, we could’ve helped him find the right outfit and one that would have fitted him - and he could’ve kept the outfit then!”