Drug addict with £100 a day habit sentenced

A Skegness man on a £100 a day heroin habit, pestered his grandmother so much for money to pay for drugs, that she went to the police to stop him, a court has heard.

At Skegness Magistrates’ Court last week, Spencer Lister Hughes, 24, of Kenning House, admitted harassing his grandmother, Wendy Rayment, for money after he had been officially warned by the police.

He also admitted five shoplifting offences in Skegness between September 4 and October 21, as well as breaching a conditional discharge imposed for theft in July.

Magistrates were told Hughes was brought up by his grandmother and he was constantly asking her for money until she finally contacted the police who sent him an official letter to stop on October 12. However, just seven days later he wrote a letter to her asking for money.

In mitigation, Geoff Hudson said all Hughes’ offending was done to buy drugs or food.

He said Hughes was taking 10 bags of heroin a day, costing £100. Mrs Rayment had given him money in the past and although she would give him food she no longer gave him money as she knew he would buy drugs. He said Hughes wanted greater access to his child and knew he needed to get off drugs to achieve that.

Hughes was sentenced to four months custody, suspended for a year, ordered to carry out drug rehab for six months, and ordered to pay £224 compensation to the stores. A restraining order was issued ordering him not to contact his grandmother for 12 months.