Drink-driving offenders up

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LINCOLNSHIRE Police’s annual Christmas drink-drive crackdown has been hailed a success by the force despite it collaring the highest number of offenders for six years.

A total of 143 motorists fell foul of the force’s festive campaign, out of almost 4,400 people tested - the highest number of individuals arrested since 2005.

But although the number caught flouting the law was the highest since 2005, the ratio of arrests to tests was lower than the failure rate of the mid-noughties.

Only 3.25 per cent of those tested over the festive season failed the test in the latest campaign - down from seven per cent in 2004.

However the latest figure is also marginally up on the 3.15 per cent who were arrested in 2010 and the 2.02 per cent collared in 2009, but lower than the highs posted in 2004 through 2006.

“Whilst it is never good news to see what seems to be stagnation in the figures compared to a previous year, the trend in those still willing to drink and drive is falling,” said a police spokesperson.

“Comparing the full year figures of 2010 and 2011, there have been 11 fewer killed or seriously injured casualties resulting from alcohol related collisions, but there have been two more fatalities.

“These fatals did not occur in the campaign period.

“We feel that the profile of this campaign has reached drivers in Lincolnshire and shown it is not worth putting yourself and other road users at risk by drink or drug driving.

“There will be a number of drivers who made a positive decision not to drink and drive but we cannot measure how many made that decision.

“What we will do for the future is, with high profile campaigning and a robust strategy of enforcement, we ensure those drivers who drink and drive are placed before the courts and make the roads of Lincolnshire safer for all,” the spokesperson added.