Dozens continue search for missing David Le-Man in Skegness and Seacroft dunes

Some of those who met at South Parade car park this morning (Saturday) to continue the search for David Le-Man.
Some of those who met at South Parade car park this morning (Saturday) to continue the search for David Le-Man.

Dozens of members of the public were continuing in their search for missing Skegness man David Le-Man this morning (Saturday).

Local residents and several Fire & Rescue members gathered in the car park in South Parade shortly after 9am, as they continued in their efforts to locate David - who has been missing since Monday afternoon.

Today’s search is expected to cover the dunes around the car park and south towardsSeacroft.

The family have also begun releasing fliers featuring photos of David’s dog Millie. He had been walking her when he went missing.

And, although she found by the emergency services shortly before midnight on the day David disappeared, the family hopes that any sightings of her during the day may help to narrow down the focus of the search.

Millie is a black dog with a white spot on her chest and was found wandering around with her lead still attached.

David was spotted twice on Monday after parking in South Parade car park to walk Millie.

He was seen walking south towards Gibraltar Point at roughly 2pm, and again at around 4pm as he made his way back up the beach. There have been no sightings since then - despite extensive searches by family, voluntary groups, residents and the emergency services.

Meanwhile, some members of David’s family have said they do not feel the emergency services have done enough to help find him.

Although they have praised the efforts on Monday night and into Tuesday, when search and rescue helicopters and emergency services worked through the night looking for David, they say they have been disappointed by some aspects of the search since then.

Abigail Taylor, his sister-in-law, said: “We do think on Monday night the search was brilliant; and into Tuesday the search was fantastic and there was a lot of police activity and searching going on.

“But important things like if there were any sightings of Millie on her own, were just brushed off with comments like we’re not looking for Millie now, we’re looking for David. But if there had been any sightings of her then it gives us a little more of an idea of where to look for David.

She was also critical of the wording of some police inspectors when addressing the public ahead of searches - saying the phrasing used was “insensitive” and had “upset” the family.

Abigail added that although the police had handed out missing person leaflets for David yesterday (Friday) residents living along the dunes in the Seacroft area were still coming up to the family saying they’d never received any police inquiries - despite a chance they may have seen something due to their close proximity to the beach

“The police should’ve been asking residents in those streets and also dog walkers.”

David is 51, of mixed race, around six foot tall with a shaven head. His clothing was originally thought to have been jeans and a hooded jacket, though later reports suggest he was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a blue t-shirt.