‘Disgust’ at Jolly fountain theft

Jolly Fisherman statue Compass Gardens, Skegness
Jolly Fisherman statue Compass Gardens, Skegness

A resident has spoken of her ‘disgust’ after witnessing acts of theft on two separate occasions upon the Jolly Fisherman fountain in the Compass Gardens.

“I have watched from over the road as the Jolly Fisherman fountain was being robbed in daylight. There is a camera that points directly at the fountain,” said Christine Tune of Skegness.

Christine and her partner then called over to a couple thought to be stealing the money in attempt to stop them but they carried on. And Christine says, three more people were seen lining their pockets and claims, the security camera is not picking up these thefts.

Police state if coins thrown into the fountain are ‘removed by another, then they may be committing a criminal offence’.