Cyclist falls victim to scrap metal thieves

Robert Jamieson
Robert Jamieson
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A CYCLIST received fractured bones and severe facial injuries after callous copper thieves left the scene of their crime a potential death trap.

Robert Jamieson, 26, was cycling back from work in Skegness to his Burgh-le-Marsh home in the early hours of Friday morning when he crashed and fell into the bottom of a man hole, left uncovered by scrap metal thieves.

He said: “I was just biking along, it’s a journey I’ve done thousands of times, and I didn’t see the hole until I was on top of it and by then there wasn’t enough time to stop.

“My head bounced onto the pavement and I was out cold for a moment until I came round at the bottom of the hole.”

Dazed and confused, Robert pulled himself and his bike out of the man hole and attempted to make the rest of the journey home.

After nearly keeling over from his injuries, a passer-by noticed his condition and took him to Skegness Hospital, following which he was ferried to Boston and then Lincoln until he was eventually discharged 14 hours later.

He suffered a fractured wrist, a split ear lobe, severe bruising, and two chipped teeth and is likely to require several weeks off work to recover.

Initially he thought the man hole may have been left uncovered by workmen but upon returning to the scene he noticed a tow chain and signs that the copper cabling had been ripped out by thieves.

“As soon as I saw it was criminal damage I was livid,” he said.

“It really sickens me, the blatant disregard for people’s safety, these people have shown. I’m 26-years-old but if it had been my four-year-old son I dread to think what would have happened to him. I feel like I am paying the price for someone else’s greed and I’m really mad about it. I would like whoever did this to read about it in the paper and see what they have done.”

With the global value of scrap metal escalating Lincolnshire Police has requested people to report any incidents they are aware of.

PC Nic Hanson said: “Those responsible for stealing these covers have shows a complete disregard for the safety of users of the path and a cyclist has suffered a significant injury as a result.”

l Anyone with info should contact the police on 0300 111 0300/