Crimewatch TV crews hit the area

BBC TV camera crews broadcast live from the Skegness area to the rest of the UK this week, when the latest Crimewatch Roadshow rolled into town.

The show stopped off at the coast on Tuesday as part of a week of programmes from the Lincolnshire area.

And local officers took the opportunity to highlight recent crimes, both large and small, in a bid to crack their cases.

The recent robbery of up to £50,000 from the LA Cafe in Skegness was among those crimes given specific mention.

The nigthclub was broken into over the Easter holidays by a gang of men, who used a stolen Fiat Doblo to make their escape.

A police spokesperson is hopeful that the added TV coverage will help to solve the crime.

They said: “We’ve received quite a lot of information and have quite a lot of leads.

“Even though there have been no significant developments at this stage we are confident of getting a successful resolution to this case.”

Elsewhere, the police made full use of the TV crews to highlight recent efforts to cut back on the number of caravan burglaries in the area.

Broadcasting live from a Chapel St Leonards caravan site officers highlighted a number of important steps that caravan owners can take to protect their belongings while away from their holiday home.

The officers also revealed the creation of ‘sting’ caravans across the county.

These caravans are dotted at sites across the area and are designed to catch would-be thieves in the act.

As well as acting as bait for the thieves, the caravans are also crammed full of hidden CCTV cameras.

The local police are hopeful that publicising this initative will make thieves think twice before targeting holidaymakers staying in the area.

“Ths isn’t something we’ve really publicised before up until now but these sting caravans will stop criminals as they have cameras in them,” added the spokesperson.