Community order for man who broke his wife’s teeth

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A SKEGNESS woman lost two teeth when her husband threw a mobile phone into her face during an argument after a night out.

At a previous hearing, Lee Holland, 35, of The Meadows in Skegness had admitted assaulting Suzanne Holland by beating on August 21, and was appearing at Skegness Magistrates Court for sentence.

The court was told they had been for a night out with friends and when they were returning home just before midnight, he accused her of having an affair with one of the friends.

They were arguing and when she got her phone out, he took it off her, stamped on it and then threw it at her.

It hit her in the face as a result of which she suffered two broken teeth.

When they got back home, he knocked her over and also bent her wrist back causing pain, bruising and swelling.

She then went to a neighbour to call for the police.

After being arrested, Holland said he had not intended to hurt her but accepted that when he threw the phone he was reckless.

He said he did not remember knocking her down or bending her wrists, but said he was sure she would not have made it up.

The court was told the complainant had attended court to support her husband and no compensation was being sought.

Magistrates imposed a nine month community order with supervision and ordered Holland to undergo a 10 day alcohol awareness programme.

He was also ordered to pay £85 in costs.