Community order after being racially abusive


A man who broke the terms of a restraining order has been given a community order and had the restraining order extended by a district judge at Skegness.

James Grogan, 45, of Dorothy Avenue, Winthorpe, had denied three allegations of harassment by breaching a restraining order concerning the complainant over three days in August, but changed his plea to guilty to one of them during a case management hearing before his trial at Skegness Magistrates’ Court in front of a district judge.

The court was told Grogan had been the subject of a community order and a restraining order imposed at the court on May 12 after he admitted breaking a bail condition not to go to the complainant’s flat where Grogan’s former partner lived, now as the complainant’s spouse.

It was said on that occasion Grogan began banging and kicking on the door using racially-charged language and said ‘I’m going to kill you’.

He returned three times, despite being warned by police officers not to do so, repeating the behaviour on every occasion, and was eventually arrested.

The prosecution offered no evidence in the two denied charges but said Grogan was seen sitting on a wall opposite the complainant’s flat on August 14.

Grogan had said he did not want to speak to the complainant but to his wife, who Grogan insisted was still in a relationship with him.

Carrie Simpson, mitigating, told Judge Lower that Grogan was not a well man and that his former partner was still contacting him, which confused him.

Judge Lower told Grogan that however his former partner decided to spend her life, it was her spouse who had the restraining order.

“You know that if you telephone the home or go to the road, there’s every chance you will have contact with [him],” the judge told Grogan. If the court makes an order it takes a very dim view if it is breached.”

Last Tuesday, the judge revoked the original order and imposed a new community order for 12 months with a 40 day rehabilitation requirement.

He also extended the restraining order until September 2016.