Catalytic converter marking event

A catalytic converter marking day is taking place this week as part of Lincolnshire Police’s ongoing drive to curb metal theft throughout the county.

Vehicle owners are invited to attend XL Garage at Croft Bank near Wainfleet on Saturday, April 13, between 9am and noon.

Crime reduction officer Ian Greenshields said: “Thefts are an ongoing problem across the whole country.

“A huge amount of work is already being done to catch the criminals involved through Operation Brompton, which tackles all metal theft.

“It is hoped these kits will both prevent further crimes and also improve the chances of securing convictions when offenders are arrested,” he addded.

Marking costs £5 and no appointments are necessary.

Contact PCSO Jayne Richardson on 07393 312783 or PCSO Pete Cobley on 07939 312884 for more information.

Alternatively, you can email