Caravan safety advice

AS the tourist season moves into its peak season, Lincolnshire Police has warned visitors and caravan owners to be vigilant.

“With approximately 30,000 caravans in our coastal area, it’s inevitable that criminals will target them as a quick way to make some cash,” said a police spokesperson.

“We usually see an increase in caravan burglaries at the end of the season when the vans have been closed up by the owners but there have been a few thefts of flat screen TVs from caravans in the Quebec Road area of Mablethorpe in the past couple of weeks,” they added.

Police said that ideally, owners should remove valuable items every time they go home, not just at the end of the season and that it was vital for owners to remember the importance of such actions.

The force added that it was better to leave curtains open so criminals could see that there were no valuables to steal. Lincolnshire Police provide stickers for display in the window reinforcing the message that all items of worth have been removed.

Having an intruder alarm fitted can also dissuade theft attempts and ensure that if a break-in does occur, the proper authorities are alerted and scenes of crime officers can attend before evidence is lost.