Cannabis fire man fined over £700 for electricity fraud

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A WAINFLEET man whose cannabis cultivation system set fire to a building in a historic street has been fined over £700 for an unrelated charge of electricity fraud.

Ross David Denovellis, 21, of Barkham Street, a chef at Butlins, admitted dishonestly using electricity between March 21 and June 10 this year.

Skegness Magistrates’ Court heard that when an E-0n meter inspector visited Denovellis’ home on March 22, he found that cables had been cut and reconnected so that they did not pass through the meter.

However, as there was a young child at the house and Denovellis said he had only lived there for two weeks, a new meter was installed.

However, when it transpired later that Denovellis had in fact lived there for longer, an inspector returned to the house and was told by the landlord that there had been a fire at the property.

He found that again cables had been cut and diverted so that electricity was by-passing the meter.

The court was told Denovellis was arrested after the fire when it was discovered that he was cultivating cannabis at the property and that the fire had been caused when a lighting system had collapsed.

The fire, on June 5, caused damage to a first-floor bedroom and lounge. It also damaged the remainder of the second-floor and required four fire crews to extinguish.

Denovellis was subsequently fined £100 for the production of cannabis.

In mitigation, Mr Dave Clapham said that although Denovellis did arrange for the electricity to be diverted after March 22, he was not responsible for what happened before that date.

Denovellis was ordered to pay compensation to E-On of £385 for damage to the electricity system and £250 for the electricity he had used.

He was also ordered to pay court costs of £85.