Cannabis ‘farm’ man is imprisoned

A LITTLE Steeping man who set up a cannabis growing operation in his sister’s flat was caught out when the landlord checked out the property, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said the landlord became concerned after rent was not paid on the flat in Roman Bank, Skegness, and when he failed to get an answer he used his spare key to gain entry.

“He discovered cannabis plants under cultivation and contacted the police.”

Mr Scott said one of the rooms in the flat was converted to grow cannabis with tin foil placed on the walls. Lighting, a fan and a humidifier were installed. A total of 70 cannabis plants were found on the premises.

Although the operation was described as “unsophisticated” with some of the plants in poor condition the operation was still capable of producing drugs with a street value of over £4,500.

Police spoke to the tenant and discovered she had moved out two months earlier handing the keys to her brother Michael Watling.

Michael Watling, 24, of Mill Lane, Little Steeping, admitted production of cannabis on March 21 last year. He was jailed for 16 months.

Edna Leonard, defending, said that most of the plants were for Watling’s own use but he would have sold some on to friends to cover his costs.

Miss Leonard said “This was fairly unsophisticated. The plants were not in a healthy state when they were examined. He was a gardener but he clearly wasn’t a very good one.”

She said Watling has since stopped smoking cannabis.

“He knows he has done wrong and will be punished.”