BREAKING NEWS: Wainfleet teen sentenced to four years after Lincoln rape

A teenager raped a woman after comforting her when she was upset following an argument with her boyfriend, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Jamie Law sat down with the woman on a street bench in the centre of Lincoln following the row which ended with the boyfriend walking off.

Rebecca Herbert, prosecuting, said Law drank vodka with the woman before they took a taxi back to her flat on an estate in the south of Lincoln.

The pair continued drinking before the woman went to bed leaving Law to sleep on her sofa.

The woman fell asleep but was woken by a telephone call from her boyfriend.

Law then walked into her bedroom and pinned her down before raping her.

Miss Herbert said: “The defendant put a pillow over her head and pushed it down so hard that she could not speak. He got off her but then grabbed her again and applied force to her throat to stop her from shouting. She thinks she passed out.

“Eventually she managed to get up and get the defendant out.”

Miss Herbert said the woman tried to get help but ended up running barefoot in her pyjamas into the street where a man came to her assistance.

Law made his way to the probation services offices in Lincoln where he asked to speak to a police officer.

He then said he had done something “really stupid” and admitted a woman had accused him of rape.

Miss Herbert said the attack had a devastating effect on the woman who subsequently felt unable to return to her flat and found herself homeless.

“She was terrified. At the time she thought she was going to die. She is still very traumatised by what happened to her.”

Law, 19, of Winchester Road, Wainfleet, admitted raping the woman on 6 July 2012. He was sent to a young offenders’ institution for four years. Law was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “You comforted her and you were invited back to her flat. She and you drank a great deal of alcohol.

“She went to bed to sleep and allowed you to sleep downstairs.

“She was entitled to feel safe in her own home but the following morning you raped her.

“It is clearly how greatly this has affected this young woman. It caused her to be homeless and the effects that this has caused her are serious and continuing.”

Michael Cranmer-Brown, defending, said: “He had gone back with her to comfort her. It was not his intention to force himself on her.”