Breaking News: Night porter jailed for over two-and-a-half years for Skegness assault after luring victim into a trap

A HOTEL night porter who attacked a guest after being woken in the early hours was today (Tuesday) jailed at Lincoln Crown Court.

Gordon Anderson was involved in an incident with members of a stag party after they arrived back at the County Hotel in Skegness at 2am in August last year to find the front door locked.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said the group spent half an hour trying to raise Anderson before he let them back in.

One of the guests Simon Dixon, 35, accidentally broke a window while trying to attract Anderson’s attention and remonstrated with the porter during an incident which led to both men calling police.

Officers arrived and advised that the issue would be sorted out in the morning but while Mr Dixon was in bed he received a phone call from Anderson asking him to come downstairs as the police wanted to speak to him.

Mr Dixon, dressed in his pyjamas, went downstairs but could not see any evidence of police in the building.

Mr Scott said “He was confronted by the defendant at the bottom of the stairs. The defendant grabbed him and punched him. Two or three other men, all dressed in black, also joined in.

“It was a sustained attack and the victim was totally blameless.

“Mr Dixon broke away and fell to the floor. He was then kicked and punched from all sides.

“He remembers scrambling up and getting out of the hotel. The defendant followed and punched him and tried to kick him.

“He reached a call box and telephoned the police. He was later taken to hospital where he was treated for a six centimetre gash to the top of his head.”

Anderson was arrested but claimed he only acted in self defence.

Anderson, 54, of Lancaster Avenue, Skegness, admitted unlawfully wounding Mr Dixon in the early hours of August 14 last year. He was jailed for two years and eight months.

Judge Sean Morris told him: “I accept there as a degree of provocation but what you did was extremely serious. You lured your victim downstairs and there he was kicked and punched. He has a scar that will be with him for life.”

David Eager, defending, said had been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder arising out of his service with the Parachute Regiment.

“He served in Northern Ireland and came out just before the Falklands War. At that time there was little or no assistance for servicemen. His life has since been dogged by offences principally involving alcohol.”

He said Anderson had been pushed around by the stag party but admitted he had a “few drinks” while at work which he should not have done.

Mr Eager said his client should be given credit for pleading guilty to the offence at the earliest opportunity.