‘Brave’ bar owner hailed

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An Ingoldmells bar owner has had his actions described as ‘heroic and brave’ after he defended his property when a disorderly group tried to force their way in on Sunday, August 25.

Simon Adderley of Joe’s Beach Bar, heard the commotion outside and made the quick decision to lock all the doors and protect the many families that were present inside for the Joe’s Got Talent event.

“He stood in front of the door and wouldn’t let them in even when one of them swung for him, chipping his tooth,” said Berlina Hallows, performing karaoke on the night.

“The group came round the corner, there was noise and shouting outside, there were a lot of families in that night and I thought Simon’s actions were really brave as he held them off while the police were called. Not everyone could do that,” she added.

The bar was filled for the final of the Joe’s Got Talent event. Simon says he held the doors shut for 20 minutes as the police arrived.

“There was no way they were coming in, I needed to protect the customers. One bumped me on the head, which chipped my tooth but I am okay, nothing serious,” added Joe.

If anyone did see anything important and they have not already spoken to officers then the police would urge them to call quoting ‘incident number 489’.