Boy, 10, steps on needle on beach in Skegness

AN ANGRY mother has vowed never to return to Skegness after her son stood on a drug addict’s discarded needle on the town’s beach.

The horrifying incident happened last week when the family of five, who hail from Nottingham, were enjoying themselves on a day out.

But their fun in the sun turned into a week-long “nightmare” after 10-year-old Keiran stood on a needle while running on the beach near Lagoon Walk.

Keiran’s mum Elaine and the rest of the family endured five days of hell while they nervously waited on the results of blood tests to see if the youngster had contracted any diseases.

Elaine has asked for the family’s surname to remain anonymous in a bid to protect her son.

But she spoke exclusively to the Standard this week in the hope of raising awareness of the incident and to call for urgent action to tackle irresponsible drug users in Skegness.

She said: “We got into town at dinner time and had only been on the beach about an hour when it happened.

“He was running back towards me at the time, having been much further down the beach.

“His friend came running up to me shouting to me that Keiran had stood on a needle.

“My first reaction was to run towards him and I saw a needle sticking out of his heel - it made my stomach churn.

“I pulled it out of his heel and we hobbled back towards where we had our blanket before dialling 999.

“The paramedics were fantastic.”

The family have now received the all clear after Keiran’s blood work tests came back negative from his GP.

But the family experienced a living “nightmare” as they waited the five days needed for the results to come through.

“Keiran knew very little about the whole thing, he just knew he’d stood on a needle, and didn’t know the implications that that might mean,” continued Elaine.

“He didn’t need to be worried - that’s my job.”

“I’m afraid I wouldn’t go back to Skegness after this.”

East Lindsey District Council has launched an investigation.

A spokesperson for the authority also stressed that the “really sad” incident occured on a part of the beach that was already heavily cleaned by its staff, but vowed to increase patrols.

“It was on an area of beach that is surf-raked each morning by our cleansing teams and manually litter-picked

“We can’t monitor it 24/7 but we will certainly increase our cleansing activity in this area to try and prevent these types of incident in the future.

“It’s really sad that those who choose to use drugs can’t take their equipment away with them,” they added.

Local residents have reacted with fury over the incident, and have accused irresponsible drug users of not caring who their habit hurts.

Writing on the Standard’s Facebook page, Jayne Dand said: “It makes me mad because the drug users are supplied with a sin bin or they can take their used needles to the hospital where they are disposed of safely - there is no excuse for leaving them lying around.”

Helen O’Dare added: “This is disgusting. I hope something is done this time.”

Another poster added: “They don’t care about their own health, so there’s no way we’d get them to care about our children’s well being!

“We live across from the Skegness hospital and we’ve found discarded needles at the bottom of our garden along with empty bottles of Vodka. Even when a place to safely discard needles is just across the road they throw them on the floor where children might play.”