Boston man started shouting at police officer when drunk and disorderly, court told

Man was drunk and disorderly
Man was drunk and disorderly

A BOSTON man, who continually tried to bait an officer and threatened to report him for assaulting him, has admitted being drunk and disorderly.

Gareth Nolan, 34, of Frampton Place, was seen in the town centre on the morning of September 12 when he walked straight up to a police officer who was there on another matter, and deliberately bumped into him and then started shouting that the officer had assaulted him.

Prosecuting at Boston Magistrates Court, Shelley Wilson said Nolan refused to have any conversation with the officer and continued to be abusive and after several attempts to get him to behave, he was given a formal warning by the officer.

She said Nolan continued trying to bait the officer and, when the officer got into his car, hit the driver's door, swore at him and then ran off.

She said other officers attended and he was arrested soon afterwards after he was spotted on cctv.

Ms Wilson said Nolan became 'increasingly aggressive at the custody suite, refused to give his details and then removed his lower clothing exposing himself'.

Nolan, who has 28 previous convictions, was said to be engaging with Addaction about his alcohol problems.

He was given a six month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £106 in costs and charges.