Bogus caller incidents spark warning from Skegness police

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

The Skegness Neighbourhood Policing Team has warned local residents to beware bogus callers after “several reports” of people trying to gain access to properties.

PCSO Dee Phillips has urged the publice to follow a few tips to help avoid themselves falling victim to the callous scammers.

“We have had several reports of people trying to gain access to properties by stating they are from various companies,” said PCSO Phillips.

“Please remember that most of the time these companies will pre-warn you if they are going to be doing any work in your area.

“Do not forget, if in doubt do not let them in, phone the police,” PCSO Phillips added.

The police urge the public to always ask for identification and never let them into your property.

Always phone to make sure they are genuine, but never phone the number on the identity card they give you.

Instead keep a list of phone numbers close by.

These include -

- Anglian Water – 08457 145 145

- East Midlands Electric 0800 0568 090

- Environment Agency 0800 807068

- EON Gas 0800 111999

- EON Electric 0800 0280247.