Beach-goer jabbed in hand with rusty needle

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A beach-goer with learning difficulties was hospitalised with stress after being stabbed in the hand by a rusty syringe, discarded under the sand.

Gerald Fergus, 33, was holidaying in Skegness with his mother Mandy Fergus and her three-year-old grandson Logan Dobb, when the terrifying incident occurred on Thursday morning.

Mandy said: “My son was so stressed that he had to be taken to Boston Pilgrim - he’d been in floods of tears with worry.

“What if it had been my grandson or any other kids who visit the beach.

“Whoever left it there is scum, especially when there are needle exchanges they can use rather than just leaving it lying around for people to hurt themselves with.”

The family from Worksop had been metal-detecting near the Beachcomber pub when Gerald plunged his hand under the sand and stabbed himself with the rusty needle, which passed right through his hand.

He visited Skegness Hospital to receive a tetanus jab and injections to minimise the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as hepatitis .

He is also awaiting test results for other diseases synonymous with intravenous drug users including HIV.

The stretch of beach where the needle was found is privately owned by a business who the Standard was unable to contact.