Alford youths going behind bars... for police initiative

ALFORD youngsters are set to get a taste of life behind bars under a police scheme aimed at highlighting the stark realities of a life in prison.

A group of nine Alford youngsters, aged between 12 and 14, all of whom have received Unacceptable Behaviour Warning Letters in recent months, will be visiting HMP Lincoln this Friday.

On arrival at the prison, the group will be subjected to the strict security process and have to surrender their phones, chewing gum and other prohibited items under the watchful eye and sensitive nose of one of the prison security dogs.

Prison officers and drug dog handlers will talk about prison life and routine and then the young people will get to sample ‘porridge’ for themselves in the canteen.

Later, the group will listen to ‘lifers’ as they explain how the paths of their lives ultimately led to going to prison for murder.

PCSO Phillips said: “The young people in this group are at an age where they can be easily influenced.

“All of them have been involved in some form of anti-social behaviour resulting in them receiving warning letters and this visit will open their eyes to where such a path may eventually lead.

“One of the biggest surprises for the group who went in February was how young those prisoners and all were facing many years behind bars as a consequence of the bad company they kept when in their early teens and the trouble that led to.

“I hope their individual stories can make an impression on this group and help them steer their lives in a positive direction”.

A further event has been planned for Friday, September 21 when a group of 30 16-18 year-olds from John Spendluffe Technical College will visit the prison as part of their citizenship programme.