Alarm bells help reverse spike in thefts from handbags in Skegness

Handbag theft.
Handbag theft.

A spike in thefts from handbags recorded recently in Skegness has been nipped in its bud thanks to a police prevention campaign.

Shop Watch and the police have been encouraging shoppers to fit alarm bells to their handbag, warning the owner if it is disturbed so they can avoid falling victim to the crime.

Inspector Andy Morrice has praised the initiative after seeing the number of thefts fall by five per cent over the past fortnight.

“I thank the public for being more vigilant about their belongings and the support of Shop Watch, he said,

The initiative was launched following a recent spike in thefts, which Insp Morrice reported to Skegness Town Council at Wednesday’s meeting, while announcing yet another fall in the overall crime rate.

“We are trying to stop it before it becomes a problem,” he said.

Shop Watch representatives are also warning shoppers not to leave their handbags unattended on shopping trollies or pushchairs by challenging those who do.

The handbag bells are available from Skegness Post Office and Skegness Police Station.