Advice offered after recent theft of quad bikes in lincolnshire

General News.
General News.

Following a recent increase in the theft of property specifically quad bikes from farms, Lincolnshire Police has reminded all to ensure that these items are not left in vulnerable locations.

Police say there are a range of security options that can be taken to reduce and prevent the opportunity for thieves including leaving little fuel in the bike (locking away any additional fuel), securely locking the quad bike and using other means to disable its movement.

Locking the bike securely in an alarmed building, considered use of lighting and alarm systems and where necessary, the use of monitored CCTV systems.

“We would recommend the use of a tracker system on any vehicle that will enable the recovery of the vehicle and hopefully help the police in the apprehension of offenders,” said a police spokesperson.

For advice contact Skegness Police on 101.