£100 for drug needle disposal campaign leaflets

Councillor Ken Milner has donated £100 to the Skegness Crime Prevention Panel to aid them in their campaign against drug abuse.

The money will be used to buy 2,500 A5 leaflets which will inform local people how and where they can dispose of used drug needles and syringes which they may find in the area.

The scheme is being run in partnership with Boots, and with the help of the Oasis Drug and Alcohol Partnership, the leaflets will hopefully provide residents with the information they need to dispose of any needles and syringes they find safely.

As Vice-Chairman of the Crime Prevention Panel, Councillor Milner felt the cause was a necessary one.

He said: “We were finding that people were confused about what to do if they found any needles, and we wanted to make it easier for them to understand what to do if they did”.

Irresponsibly discarded drug paraphernalia has long been the plight of both the residents and holiday-makers of Skegness.

There have been numerous reported cases of used needles being found on the streets and beaches of Skegness and the Crime Prevention Panel are hoping this contribution will help them in their efforts to make Skegness and the surrounding areas a more desirable place to live and visit.