£1,500 Alford school robber tracked down by blood stain

A MAN who broke into the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Alford and stole almost £1,500 worth of equipment, was identified by blood stains he left at the scene.

Gareth Beedham, 31, of Hart Street in Cleethorpes, admitted carrying out the burglary on June 4 last year when he appeared before magistrates at Skegness last week.

Prosecuting, John Mitchell said the school’s alarm was activated at 6.45pm and police found that a window had been smashed and, after searching the school, found that two projectors valued at £1,487 had been stolen.

Forensic officers found Beedham’s blood on a cable that had been attached to the projectors.

He was arrested but denied ever going to the school, although he was unable to explain how his blood came to be there.

In mitigation, Dave Clapham said the offence had been committed at a time when Beedham’s children had been taken into care, he was suffering from depression and was an alcoholic.

His new partner had told him he must stop offending and drinking and he had undergone treatment for alcoholism and had not offended since this burglary.

He said the burglary was a spur of the moment act with other people who had not been arrested, and he was ‘out of his head on drink’ at the time.

He had started to turn his life around since, had got married the previous Saturday and had the offer of employment once the case was over.

The magistrates said the offence was serious because it was against a school and so was stealing from the public, but in his favour he had started to turn his life around and had been out of trouble for more than a year.

Beedham was sentenced to 160 hours unpaid work for the community and ordered to pay £1,500 in compensation.