Crime thriller features Standard

Seaside Snatch by Cary Smith.
Seaside Snatch by Cary Smith.

Seaside Snatch is the name of the latest offering from Lincoln-based novelist, Cary Smith and the book even features our very own Skegness and Spilsby Standard’s.

The book was written against the backdrop and fervour of the London 2012 Olympic games, in real-time, by the author and is his second book to date.

The first book, ‘Dead Spit’, was written by the 60-year-old, two years ago and focused around the confusion of two fictional female identical twins, in Lincoln.

Not wanting the setting of the book to be in a big city, or in the depths of a ‘seedy’ location, this time round, Cary decided to set his latest book at the seaside, seeing it as a nice place to visit and research; while not being the obvious place for a crime thriller.

Seaside Snatch poses the question: If you and your partner were a childless couple, absolutely desperate for little ones of your own and were offered a little blonde girl for £15,000, with no questions asked, what would you do?

That’s the dilemma facing protagonist DCI Luke Stevens, in ‘Seaside Snatch’, amid an awful trade in young and pretty, innocent girls in Skegness, during the height of summer when police officers are being pulled away to help out at the Olympic games.

To make matters worse, one of DCI Stevens’ team gets a call about a young Lincoln University student found dead in a ditch, near Spilsby, a crime that will be linked to another young woman, determined to kill herself and a man whose girlfriend was murdered in cold blood in Lincoln’s High Street.

Seaside Snatch has all the answers in Cary Smith’s latest murder mystery, featuring the Skegness and Spilsby Standard.

Now retired, Cary has lived in Lincoln for over 30 years and has previously worked in advertising and for most of his working life, in various posts in the leisure industry.

Although Cary’s writing was born out of a long desired hobby, Cary’s first book has now sold over 2,500 copies and his latest offering has also been well received, after being available to buy, mid march.

“I had always wanted to write a book, but never found the time, due to work”, said Cary.

“After taking early retirement, I decided to write my first book and my publisher tells me that since the second book has been available, the first one has began selling more copies”, he added

The sales figures for Seaside Snatch are not yet known, as they are released on a six-month cycle, however Cary hopes his latest book will be ‘snatched’ from the shelves and downloaded from internet store, Amazon, with copies available in Kindle and paperback versions.