Coveris and LIVES team up for innovative first aid training

Coveris and LIVES participating in first aid training scenarios. (Photo credit: LIVES).
Coveris and LIVES participating in first aid training scenarios. (Photo credit: LIVES).

Leading global packaging manufacturer Coveris has recruited the expertise of Lincolnshire emergency first responder charity, LIVES, to work with their Louth site to develop innovative first aid training to ensure the safety of all co-workers employed on their site.

Training consists of LIVES delivering practical lessons to members of staff, followed by a bespoke and realistic training scenario on site to put the theory into practice.

This close to real-life scenario – a factory explosion resulting in multiple injuries - involved LIVES responders acting as the injured casualties. The Coveris first aiders had to react quickly and deal with blast injuries, burns, entrapment and an unconscious casualty.

Phil Wilson, Regional Health, Safety & Environmental Advisor films (East) from Coveris said: “Our aim was to develop the skills already learnt through the training LIVES provided by making it more realistic.

“We want to make sure we have the correct first aid provision from a theoretical perspective and a practical perspective for the safety of those on site. I personally feel that practical assessment should always follow on from theoretical training where first aid is concerned.

“Within any industrial environment, I feel it is the most effective approach to take but is often overlooked. Additionally, this ties in perfectly with our disaster recovery and business continuity training agenda.

“Working with LIVES, we have been able to tailor training towards the types of injuries that those on site are more likely to sustain. It allows our first aiders to learn from their mistakes in the training phase, rather than when an incident may occur.

“Using LIVES is the best thing we have done. It’s invaluable to have trainers that deliver these practical medial skills on a day to day basis and can talk to us about their real-life experiences.”

Kirsty Raywood, manager at LIVES, commented: “LIVES delivers bespoke first aid training to all kinds of businesses across Lincolnshire and beyond and so we were thrilled to work with Coveris to put them through this training. Our training is delivered by pre-hospital emergency care professionals who have dealt with all manner of medical emergencies and who teach from real life experience. When we teach your team lifesaving skills, we’ve been there, seen it and done it many times before for real.

“We’re not just teaching your team to pass a qualification; we’re teaching them how to save a life.”

Businesses are encouraged to put their training through LIVES as it’s a way of supporting the charity in keeping its responders on the road and showing the business takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and is supporting its local community.

What businesses may not know is that LIVES specialises in developing bespoke first aid training programmes that will address the specific risks of a business, from a straightforward Emergency First Aid at work course to Advanced Life Support and specialist trauma areas. LIVES scenario training help test the skills and reactions of first aid teams as well as identify training needs, making sure the business is truly prepared should the worst happen.

LIVES also offer the option to manage the cohort of first aiders, keeping track of their training status and attending health and safety meetings to provide assurance.

LIVES deliver bespoke training packages to business in Lincolnshire and further afield. To discuss your first aid provision, please call 01507 525 999.