County council matches Government’s pothole fund


Lincolnshire County Council leaders have pledged to match the Government’s additional road repair funding of £5.5m, meaning thousands more potholes can be filled over the coming year.

The authority underspent its budget last year and the executive is recommending the council spends just over £5.8m of this remaining money on road maintenance and improvements. Reasons for the underspend include; a mild winter, savings generated from waste energy, and reduction in borrowing to fund major capital projects.

Lincolnshire County Council leader Martin Hill said: “We were able to spend less than we expected over the last financial year and we’ve agreed to use a significant proportion of this surplus to bolster the highways maintenance budget. This means we can effectively match the extra government funding that was recently announced.

“With the extra money we’ve already received this year, the total additional investment in our roads is more than £14m, and this is on top of the £50m we spend annually on maintaining the county’s roads.”

More than 50,000 potholes were filled in 2013 and over 2.2m square metres of road resurfaced. This year the council will double the amount of resurfacing to over 4m square metres, and permanently repair more potholes. Further details will be announced regarding what specific projects this extra money will be spent on.