Councillor resigns over allotment

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A COUNCILLOR has resigned from Spilsby Town council claiming he was ‘harassed and victimised’ by the Mayor and town clerk when they revoked his allotment contract.

Chris Burton, who has represented Spilsby as a councillor for more than six years, announced his resignation in a letter addressed to Coun Julia Pears.

Reading Mr Burton’s letter at the latest Spilsby Town council meeting on Thursday Coun Pears said: “With careful consideration and deep regret I can see no other way out but to resign my position forthwith.

“Due to the ambiguity and stress surrounding the eviction from my allotment, the actions of Coun Lenton and the clerk Mrs Marshal has caused a feeling of harassment and victimisation.”

Responding to the accusations after the meeting Coun Lenton explained that Mr Burton had his allotment taken from him after failing to respond to requests to abide by regulations expected of allotment holders.

He said: “The town council terminated Mr Burton’s allotment contract in accordance with its legal right to do so.

“Mr Burton has access to independent legal advice and the town council considers the matter closed.

“All correspondence regarding the matter are available to view by appointment at the council office.”

East Lindsey District Council has been notified of Mr Burton’s resignation and, if publicly requested by 10 or more Spilsby residents, a by-election will take place. Alternatively councillors can agree to ‘co-opt’ a replacement.