Councillor calls for local government review

Coun Chris Pain
Coun Chris Pain

A councillor is calling for a review into the organisation of local government in Linconlshire.

Wainfleet and Burgh county councillor Chris Pain is seeking an investigation into the option of setting up a unitary authority.

Coun Pain is proposing a working group is set up to consider the cost savings of a having a single tier of local government.

Figures issued by Wiltshire unitary council show it saved £100million from 2009-2013 with transition costs of £18 million.

Coun Pain said: “Equivalent savings for Lincolnshire could be £25 million up to £38 million every year even after transition costs are taken into account.

“I feel as councillors we should have grasped this thistle before and explored the benefits and issues surrounding it. Unfortunately turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, but we have to represent the best interests of the Lincolnshire people and the county as a whole. I think that my fellow Councillors need to leave their party politics at the Council Chamber door and tackle this issue now.”