Council shows support to Tower Gardens Pavilion

Tower Gardens Pavilion, Skegness.
Tower Gardens Pavilion, Skegness.

Skegness Town Council has voted in favour of a motion to support the preservation of one of Skegness’ oldest buildings, the Tower Gardens Pavilion.

In the town council’s public speaking session on Wednesday, Linda Stone, representing the Tower Garden’s Pavilion Preservation group, asked Coun Steve O’Dare: “What is going on with the pavilion?”

Coun O’Dare replied: “There has been no further update, however we are currently waiting on interest from other ‘outside organisations’. If the group thinks they’re in limbo, so are the council, until a decision is made,”

The motion, put forward by Couns Phill Kemp and Mark Anderson said: “The Town Council would like to see the Tower Gardens Pavilion preserved and will work with groups that bring forward plans that can save the building and bring it back into use.”

Coun Sid Dennis said: “These guys have got an uphill climb with this. I admire what they’re trying to do, but I think it’s wrought with problems.”

Coun Anderson said: “There have been no decisions made for demolition.”

Coun Kemp added: “The building’s got a lot of significance to this town.”

“It’s right in the centre of town, I’d hate to see it go. We don’t have an awful lot of funds, but we can 
support groups that are willing.”