Council leader responds to library protest: ‘we need to find £200 million savings’

Lincolnshire County Council Leader, Coun Martin Hill.
Lincolnshire County Council Leader, Coun Martin Hill.

The leader of the county council has responded to plans to protest outside the authorities offices tomorrow (Tuesday) and said the council ‘needs to find £200 million savings’.

Save Lincs Library campaigners plan to meet outside the building, on Newland, from 9.15am, where they argue that the council hasn’t listened to their constituents.

However, the leader of Lincolnshire County Council Martin Hill said: “We fully accept that some people feel strongly about libraries, but we need to remember that the council has to find £200m of savings.

“We’re asking the library service to find £2m towards that. If this money isn’t found within the library service, it will have to be found elsewhere.

“The model we have for these services going forward is a good one, keeping libraries open and saving money.”

He said he looked forward to hearing the views of the scrutiny committee and the resulting debate at the executive meeting, and said he was ‘confident that the ultimate outcome will be a comprehensive and efficient service that meets the needs of residents’.