Council in bonfire night pets warning


East Lindsey District Council is urging people to ensure their dogs are kept safe this bonfire night.

Bangs and flashes from fireworks can cause great distress to many animals and ahead of bonfire night the council is encouraging all dog owners to take necessary measures to ensure their animals have a stress free and safe evening.

Council Dog Warden, Sue Farenden, said: “Bonfire night is the worst evening of the year for many animals.

“If your dog has previously shown signs of fear caused by fireworks, talk to the vets before Bonfire Night.

“The vet will advise on ways to reduce anxiety. It is also important to make sure your pet is micro-chipped and that they are wearing a collar and tag in case they try to escape.

“Make sure that your dog gets a long walk during daylight hours and is fed over half an hour before the fireworks begin.

“Shut your windows, draw curtains and close doors to disguise noise. Putting the TV or radio on can also help.

“Ensure your dog has a safe place to settle down and try to create an area with blankets and toys.”

For further information contact the council’s Dog Wardens on 01507 601111 – there is an out of hours service, or e-mail

Tips include making sure your dog has a long walk during day light hours, shutting the windows, closing doors and drawing curtains to muffle noise, and make sure your dog has a safe place to settle down.

Putting on the TV or radio can help to mask noise.

You can also reassure your pet that everything is okay by stroking it and staying close.