Concerns raised over security of public office


A Skegness councilor, who claims he has been attacked twice, has called for reassurance from the police following the tragic shooting of MP Jo Cox.

Coun Mark Anderson directed his concerns to Insp Colin Haigh at the latest meeting of Skegness Town Council and said: “With the tragic news of the murder of Jo Cox MP, questions are being asked over security of people serving the public.

“What steps are Lincolnshire Police taking to protect us when we get threats from members of the public?”

His concern followed many years in public service.

The former mayor said: “I have served the town for 25 years. During that time I have been attacked twice, my family has been abused on social media and my home has been burgled.

“I have contacted the police but never got any help. I have to say I have no confidence in the police.”

Insp Haigh told Coun Anderson any threats made to any member of the public are treated and investigated thoroughly.

He said: “We take this very seriously and our investigations are intelligence led (meaning that we deal with things where we have information that they are actually happening or could happen).”

After the meeting he commented: “Coun Anderson’s request was speculative and a ‘what if’ scenario.

“In order to ensure that members of the town council were aware of how to protect themselves I circulated a personal safety booklet to all the councillors and I urged them to report any actual threats to the police ASAP. To date no reports have been received.”