Concerns are raised over dumped dogs

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A VISITOR to the area has voiced her concerns about an apparent issue she feels there is with abandoned dogs in the area.

Sue Marshall of Humberstone near Grimsby, said she was driving through the Beacon Park area of Skegness when she noticed a very thin German shepherd dog running loose alongside the traffic.

“I rang the police and spoke to Lincolnshire County Council to get in touch with the dog warden. It looked liked it had been clearly dumped as it was very thin and on a frosty morning. And then I noticed another little dog in Skegness Road running loose too. It isn’t necessary,” said Sue.

Dog Warden Becky Gravett wants to make all residents aware of the council’s dog warden service. She said: “We would like to urge anyone who witnesses dogs being dumped or finds a lost or abandoned dog to contact us immediately. We work hard with local rescue centres to reunite lost dogs with their owners and to re-home abandoned dogs to new loving families.

“Taking on a pet is a big responsibility and something which shouldn’t be taken lightly; we would like to encourage any potential dog owners to ask themselves honestly if they have the time, love and finances to give a dog a forever home.

“Our microchipping roadshow has begun for 2012. Microchipping costs just £10 and allows lost dogs to be more easily reunited with their owners. Details of the roadshow can be found at”