Concern raised over poor lighting near bend

The corner in Beacon Road, Skegness, where residents claim lights have been out since August. ANL-160612-122817001
The corner in Beacon Road, Skegness, where residents claim lights have been out since August. ANL-160612-122817001

Homeowners on a Skegness estate fear an accident is waiting to happen because of a stretch of poor street lighting in their neighbourhood.

Residents in Beacon Way claim three lights near a blind corner have been out since August and it is putting motorists and pedestrians in danger.

Suzanne Croft said: “I always reverse onto my drive because of the idiots who come speeding round both bends, but I am frightened that someone will hit me side on in the dark.

“I wonder if the council will pay compensation in this situation?”

Concern was raised in a conversation online through the social media website Streetlife.

Brian Chamberlain also lives near the corner and said: “The highways department (Lincolnshire County Council) say they won’t fix them until their routine inspection in February. It’s disgusting how long would it take to change three bulbs – an hour tops?

”It is dangerous on this road at the best of times – just that much more dangerous in the dark.

“There are a few idiots that think it OK to drive at 50mph plus. Police sometimes do speed checks, but it doesn’t deter them.

“Now we have the dark evenings it’s very dangerous for pedestrians and motorists alike, I’m guessing we will have to wait for a serious accident to happen before anything gets done.”

The issue of street lighting in Lincolnshire has been in the fore of late.

Lincolnshire County Council is looking to save £1.7m from its annual £5m streetlighting budget.

In October, the authority announced it would be swapping 68,000 lights for low-energy LED ones which can be dimmed and introducing ‘part-night’ lighting for 38,000 street lights which will turn on at dusk and remain on until midnight and then be switched off until 6am.

Up to 3,000 street lights, away from built up areas, were also identified as possible switch-off areas.

Richard Hardesty, senior project leader for Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Faulty street lights are still being repaired on a priority basis, and we aim to get to emergency cases within two hours of a report coming through.

“Any routine issues are dealt with as the team visit each area to roll out the changes for the street light transformation project.

“The team are expected to be in Skegness early in the new year.”

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