Concern over Travellers on private land in Skegness

Travellers on North Parade extension in Skegness. ANL-160308-130157001
Travellers on North Parade extension in Skegness. ANL-160308-130157001

Anger has been expressed that no action has been taken over Travellers who have moved onto a private road in Skegness, causing issues for guest houses and properties.

Three motorhomes set up camp on North Parade Extension on Sunday night - with another parked next to the Seaview Pub on Seaview Road.

Pat Brown, of the Mickleton Guesthouse, said the presence of the Travellers was affecting business - and wants the police to take action.

She added: “I’m not very happy with the police full stop.

“It’s affecting our business and our guests.”

Shay Clipson, chairman of National Alliance of Gypsy Traveller and Roma Women, said a designated site was needed for the Traveller community.

She said: “I am afraid travellers will continue to set up in places where they are not wanted until there are designated sites where police can direct them to.”

Designated Traveller sites are on the agenda of East Lindsey District Council.

A spokesman said: “We’re currently consulting on potential locations for sites as part of the development of the Local Plan.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “It is mislesading to say the police won’t do anything because the Travellers are on private land.

“Lincolnshire County Council, the district councils and the police have a joint protocol for dealing with unauthorised encampments. The district council has a role to play in making contact with the Travellers and offering advice to the landowner.

“The police have certain powers, but will only consider using their powers in exceptional circumstances where time taken to achieve other lawful methods of eviction would result in unacceptable nuisance, criminality or public order.

“The mere presence of an encampment without aggravating factors should not normally create an expectation that the police will use their powers.”