Community Champs for Hospital Watch


Skegness Hospital Watch has been chosen as 
one of Lincolnshire 
Co-op’s ‘Community Champions’.

The organisation was set up to promote and improve the services available to patients at Skegness 

Hospital Watch committee member and campaign manager Geoff Poulter said: “I’m delighted thet we’ve been chosen.”

The Roman Bank Store, Skegness and Chapel St Leonards’ store will participate in fundraising during the three month period between March 9, to June 7.

The ‘Community Champions’ scheme shares Lincolnshire Co-op’s profits with the community and the ‘Community Champions’ display boxes in stores will be updated weekly so 
supporters can monitor progress on how much is being raised for the chosen

Postcards and banners in stores will encourage people to use their dividend cards for purchases, as the more 
people spend, the more Hospital Watch will 

At the end of the three month period, Lincolnshire Co-op will give Hospital Watch the money