Commissioner wants ‘summit’ for the town

Marc Jones.
Marc Jones.

The new police and crime commissioner for Lincolnshire wants to hold a ‘summit’ in Boston to find out more about people’s crime fears.

Marc Jones, who was elected to the position in May, told The Standard that during his campaign he had received the most contacts from residents in Boston raising their concerns to him.

He said: “I have already met with Chief Superintendent Shaun West who has recently taken charge of the Boston area and had discussions with him, not just about very serious crimes but also about the feeling people gave me during the election.

“I had more contacts from people in Boston than any other part of the county about their fear of crime including street drinking, speeding and drug-related crimes.”

He said he wanted to bring the partners together to go through the issues, hear about what had already been done and what had worked and what hadn’t.

He said: “We need to create a Boston summit, to see what are the problems, what are the realities, the perceptions and how can we make a positive difference to the people of Boston.

“It’s something I’m very serious about.”

He added: “The fact is, if somebody comes to you and says ‘I don’t feel safe in the street or at home’ then that’s their reality.

“There’s no point in saying ‘actually there’s only so many of this and so many of that’ – it’s irrelevant.

“Our job is to come together to protect the public and also to make their life better. Making them feel safe to 
walk in the streets, making sure they don’t see street drinking.

“All these things a hugely important to people’s lives.”

He admitted the start of any action would involve a lot of listening and learning from partners to understand the issues and ensure future actions were not unneccesarily going over old ground.

“It can’t be about being reactive,” he added.

“It’s about bringing the partners together and having a joined up approach – getting real results for the people of Lincolnshire and the people of Boston.”