COLUMN: How East Lindsey District Council is helping more people to own their home

Doreen Stephenson.
Doreen Stephenson.

This week’s guest column comes from Coun Doreen Stephenson, leader of East Lindsey District Council...

Having your own home is something many people aspire to achieve and the district council has been working hard, with its partners, for the past 10 years to develop more affordable housing in the district.

The development of affordable housing has been a council priority since 2004.

Working in partnership with developers and housing associations, has resulted in 1,237 houses being built so far – with a further 300 expected to be completed by 2018.

Currently in East Lindsey there are 3,170 families on the housing waiting list with the demand continuing to significantly outweigh the supply.

As well as working with developers to ensure they include affordable housing in their developments, the council has committed £9 million over the last 10 years to building new affordable housing in partnership with Waterloo Housing Group and other housing associations. This commitment has helped to secure in the region of £20 million of Government funding to build homes in the district.

As well as the direct benefit of affordable homes themselves, the development of new affordable housing helps to create jobs and generate income back in to the local economy. The council works closely with housing associations to encourage them to use local suppliers and help local people develop house building skills through apprenticeships.