COLUMN: Hard-hitting campaign calls for everyone to be ‘responsible’ and take care of the district


This week’s guest column comes from Coun Steve O’Dare, East Lindsey District Council’s portfolio holder for the environment...

We’ve launched a hard-hitting anti-littering campaign using, among others, a graphic photo of someone about to step on dog poo alongside no-nonsense messages.

This campaign called Responsible People is the largest anti-littering campaign ever undertaken by the council and aims to tackle three issues that jointly cost the tax payer in excess of £1 million each year – money that could better be spent elsewhere for the benefit of those who live in the district.

Fly-tipping, littering and failing to clean up after your dog are issues that simply should not happen in East Lindsey. It is unacceptable!

Responsible people have pride in where they live, but there are a small minority that spoil things for others. Last year we responded to 199 requests to clean litter from streets, 2,400 fly-tipping incidents and 331 incidents of dog fouling – none of these would have happened if people had acted responsibly.

Dog fouling is not only unsightly, it is also a public health hazard as dog faeces contain the Toxocara Canis parasite which can cause Toxocariasis in humans. Although anyone can be affected, very young children are most likely to be infected by this disease which can cause seizures, breathing difficulties and even blindness.

There is simply no excuse for not picking up after your dog and putting residents, and our children, at risk.

Fly-tipping and littering both create an eyesore for local people. You would not expect someone to dump bags of litter near your home, so it is not acceptable to do the same to others.

Responsible people clean up after themselves and dispose of litter in a responsible lawful manner. There are Household Waste Recycling Centres run by Lincolnshire County Council across the district for disposal of rubbish and the district council also offers a bulky waste collection. Fly-tipping is simply not acceptable.

Please make sure that you are a ‘responsible person’.