COLUMN: Don’t miss out on saving money on your gas and electric bills

Doreen Stephenson.
Doreen Stephenson.
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This week’s guest column comes from leader of East Lindsey District Council leader Coun Doreen Stephenson...

For many people winter is a particularly difficult time of the year financially.

As the days get shorter and colder we rely on heating and lighting and many people struggle with the rising cost of gas, electric and heating oil.

East Lindsey District Council is actively promoting the Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme in a bid to help people lower the cost of their gas and electric bills through collective buying.

Residents are given the chance to register their interest during set periods each year – the current one ending on October 13. Energy companies are then able to ‘bid’ for this custom by submitting their best tariff.

Those who registered will then be able to decide whether to take up this tariff – which in many cases is lower than the one they are currently on. The last round which closed in June saw average savings of £234 per year.

Similarly, the Community Lincs Community Oil Buying Scheme aims to save members money by making the most of their collective buying power. The deadline for the next order is October 15. The average saving is 5p pet litre.

These schemes really do make a difference with the savings mounting up over a year.

I would urge everyone, whatever their circumstances, to register their interest in the Energy Switch Scheme to see how much they could save.

If you’re interested please visit our website or call our Customer Service Centre to find out more.