COLUMN: Chance to have your say on the future housing developments as we prepare Core Strategy


This week’s guest column comes from Coun Craig Leyland, portfolio holder with responsibility for planning at East Lindsey District Council...

As we prepare to put together the council’s final Core Strategy Document – the document that shapes planning and development in East Lindsey - we are seeking the views of residents on how many homes should be built within the district and where broadly they should be situated.

The Core Strategy is a very important document for supporting economic growth across the district but it is also important to local people as it highlights areas of residential growth which can sometimes be quite an emotive subject.

The housing target – the number of houses to be built, must show the council can meet the housing needs of the district for the next 15 years, that it is flexible and able to cope with any unexpected change such as an upsurge in the economy, and that coastal flood risk has been taken into account.

And, when looking at where these homes will be built, we are proposing to allocate housing within the inland towns and larger villages, these settlements are considered to be the most sustainable in the district, away from areas of high flood risk, where there are services and facilities to support this growth. Any proposals for housing would have to go through the council’s planning process.

Planning for the growth of the district creates some important issues and challenges for both the community and the council, but by taking this new approach I hope it will assist us in protecting the important rural character of our smaller settlements while enabling us to fulfill our obligations within the National Planning Policy Framework.

This consultation is a result of a pre-submission meeting with the planning inspectorate which highlighted that we should objectively assess the housing target without constraint in the first instance.

While this consultation is primarily about housing, the Core Strategy itself is firmly in support of economic growth across the district, giving strong positive support to local businesses, the tourism industry and the rural economy.

You can have your say on housing growth in East Lindsey until 5pm on June 23. More information can be found at our website or by collecting a consultation form at any Customer Access Point or library across the district.

It is important that all residents respond to our consultation – even those not affected by potential growth.