COLUMN: Article 50 delivers on a promise many voters doubted

Matt Warman.
Matt Warman.

As Theresa May triggers Article 50, marking the moment the formal process begins for taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union, here is Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman’s comments on this historic day.

To the list of days so important in British history they are symbolised merely by letters, we can now add one more. After D-Day, VE-Day and a host of others, March 29 is E-Day: the day Theresa May, the Prime Minister, will begin the formal process of taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

Just as holding the referendum on the EU was a promise made and a promise delivered, this too delivers on a promise many voters doubted.

The coming two years will not be straightforward, but the business of exiting the European Union will be handled by a team of statesmen and women, led by Mrs May, that should give voters of all persuasions the confidence to take the smooth with the inevitable occasional rough patch. At the end, as I said before the referendum, I know the UK will thrive.

Moreover, in 2019, when we have left the European Union, the responsibilities placed on Westminster and on local politicians will be greater than in many people’s living memory. Precious few decisions will be outside the control of the UK government.

My hope is not only will that reassure voters that the UK is the master of its own destiny, but also that people will see that democracy itself is a process that matters and can deliver real change. That began in 2015 with the election of a government that promised a referendum: under Theresa May, we can be certain it will not end in 2019 either.