Coffee morning raises cash for a needy women’s charity

The recent coffee morning event at Longhurst Lodge.
The recent coffee morning event at Longhurst Lodge.

VITAL funds were raised for charity through a coffee morning held by staff and residents at L&H Homes’ Longhurst Lodge, Skegness to help celebrate International Women’s Day.

The event was a huge success and £50 was raised to help support Oxfam’s Get Together campaign.

The campaign helps transform the prospects and lives of women around the world with the charity’s work focused on education, maternity care, supporting women in business and the equality of women in society where just £50 is enough to train a midwife in Ghana.

Dean Moors, a Housing Support Officer at L&H Homes, said: “Oxfam’s Get Together was the perfect cause to raise money for International Women’s Day. With girls and women making up 70 per cent of people living in poverty, this is a very worthy campaign.

“We would like to thank everyone who helped organise this event and to those who attended and made it a successful fundraiser!”