Coastal observatory plan meeting postponed

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A planned public meeting to look at the plans for a proposed Coastal Observatory at Chapel Point has been postponed.

The meeting, planned in conjunction with Chapel St Leonards Parish Council, was scheduled to go ahead in the Village Hall, Chapel St Leonards next Thursday evening (March 21).

However, the architect has struggled to get the detailed plans and model of the development ready in time, leading officers at Lincolnshire County Council to postpone the meeting.

“It had always been a tight deadline for the architects to have all the information, plans and model ready in time to display this to the public,” advised the lead officer from Lincolnshire County Council, Peter Fender.

“It became clear this week that they would not be ready in time for next week’s meeting. So rather than take an incomplete set of plans to the public, County Council Members wish to postpone the meeting until all the details are ready.”

The project will see the development of a coastal observatory art gallery and café, that will form the gateway to the Coastal Country Park. Construction is planned between February and May 2014.

“It is a great pity that the public meeting has had to be postponed,” said parish council chairman Councillor Patrick Naughton.

“The parish council feels that it is important that the residents are kept informed at every stage.

“But it is equally important that the full information is to hand when the meeting does take place, so under the circumstances, we felt that we had no choice other than to agree to the postponement.”

A new date for the meeting will be advised as soon as possible.